Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Drug Choices … and the Loss of Choice

In this Background Briefing, I look at the choices that provoke a relationship with drugs or alcohol – and how these choices change as dependency takes hold.

I also look at a definition of dependence or addiction, as described by Griffith Edwards. Addiction can be seen as an impairment in a person’s ability or power to choose. The drug becomes more important to the person than other aspects of their life, which the majority of us would consider as essential.

‘In one word, trapped. I knew I had the ball and chain from that day onwards … I could see no light at the end of the tunnel whatsoever. It had got me, I was being sucked down every day further and further.'

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Surely this compliments our humble definition of drug addiction: "the meeting of a young person and a substance which destroys his free will and turns him in to a slave and a wreck!" This being so, do we require to wait until that poor wreck asks for help before we offer any assistance? Happy to hear solid opinion about which we can verify through our co-dependent experience.
Drug Free Scotland